ILTACON 2023 Tuesday Sessions

ILTACON 2023 Tuesday Sessions and Happenings: Legal Tech Trends

We survived the first day! 🙂 The International Legal Technology Association’s (ILTA) annual conference ILTACON 2023 is being conducted this week. And we’ve already had several interesting sessions on Monday, including those profiled here!  Here are the ILTACON 2023 Tuesday sessions and happenings.

Each day at ILTACON 2023, eDiscovery Today will highlight notable sessions for the day – in most cases, those sessions will relate to eDiscovery, Information Governance, cybersecurity, data privacy, or artificial intelligence (as well as a few other happenings during the week). All times ET.

ILTACON 2023 Tuesday Sessions and Happenings:



Keynote Session: Ken Salaz: Bring the “Impossible” To Your Work (Y&B Convention Center, Grand Harbor Ballroom)

Mr. Salaz is one of the world’s premier Corporate Entertainers. His astonishing abilities of Mentalism and Magic have been featured on National Television including Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, and the CBS Early Show, to name a few. His client list is filled with A-list celebrities (Jimmy Fallon, Howard Stern, Martha Stewart and Bruce Springsteen, etc), heads of state (Colin Powell) and fortune 500 companies (IBM, Google, etc). He is a unique and rare entertainer because he is able to provide a wide variety of entertainment including Mentalism, Magic, Mind-reading, and Pick Pocketing. His distinctive performing style engenders laughter, awe and wonder at even the closest range. Ordinary objects, under his influence, and with the closest scrutiny, defy the boundaries of conventional logic – a $1.00 bill changes into a $100.00 bill, borrowed objects levitate, and minds are read in the most astounding and sometimes comical fashion.


2023 Emerging Tech and Industry Trends: The ILTA Tech Survey Results Trailer (Dolphin CC 5th Floor, Southern Hemisphere IV)

The 2023 Annual ILTA Technology Survey (recently completed by 500+ law firms) produced intriguing results and trends. In this session the Tech Survey Committee will reveal highlights and initial analysis to help you answer your strategic planning and budgeting questions even before the formal Survey results are published in September. New topics for 2023 include emerging desktop applications, generative AI tools and Hybrid strategies. Trends around infrastructure, desktop/laptop hardware and OS, office apps, DMS/ECM, practice management and business applications, collaboration and communication and security will also be shared.

Speakers: TJ Johnson, AVP, Legal Sector Strategist, Qualitest; Todd Corham, Chief Information Officer, Saul Ewing LLP; Beth Anne Stuebe, Director of Publications and Press, ILTA; Teresa Laird, Senior Program Manager, ILTA; Christopher Hunt, Executive Director, Sugarman, Rogers, Barshak & Cohen, P.C.

A Beginner’s Guide to Large Language Models (Y&B Convention Center, Newport Ballroom East)

In this introductory session, we will cover everything you really need to know about this revolutionary technology. This session will focus on the basics of Large Language Models, showcase examples of AI-Powered technologies (ChatGPT, Bard, etc.) and will equip you with the knowledge of how to get started on your own journey to utilize these technologies.

Speakers: Peter Geovanes, Head of Data Strategy, AI & Analytics, Winston & Strawn LLP; Stephen Kaufman, Chief Architect, Microsoft; Nicola Shaver, CEO and Co-Founder, Legaltech HUB.

Going Beyond the CISO: Lessons All C-Suite Executives Need to Know about Security and Risk Management (Dolphin CC 5th Floor, Southern Hemisphere III)

Awareness is the key element to ensure protection from security threats. CISOs are traditionally held accountable, but with the evolution of all-encompassing threats, boards and investors are making sure the entire C-suite is part of the equation.  Attend this session to learn: 

  • How to ensure your team is educated and equipped to handle varying attacks
  • What are the warning signs and how to know if you are vulnerable
  • The foundation of a strong security posture
  • The questions all C-Suite executives should be asking and able to answer

Speakers: Kenny Leckie, Senior Technology & Change Management Consultant, Traveling Coaches; Stephen Naphy, Chief Information Officer, Morgan, Lewis & Bockius, L.L.P.; Dean Sapp, SVP of Information Security, Filevine; Carlos Rodriguez, Fractional CISO, CA2 Security.


A Day in the Life of an AI-Powered Legal Group (Dolphin CC 5th Floor, Southern Hemisphere III) A previous session (A Beginner’s Guide to Large Language Model) covered the introductory what’s and how’s of AI-based technologies. This session will take a deeper dive and focus on the practical uses of the various technologies to envision what life in legal will be like with these applications. Attendees will have the opportunity to participate in discussing suggestions for usages and asking questions.  (Attendance at the introductory session is not required.)

Speakers: Dazza Greenwood, Founder,; Evan Shenkman, Chief Knowledge and Innovation Officer, Fisher Phillips; Jason Noble, General Manager – Product Development, ikaun; Jennifer Cody, Account Technology Strategist, Microsoft; Kristin Zmrhal, VP – Product Strategy, DISCO.

Use it or Lose It – How to Drive Adoption of New eDiscovery and Practice Support Tools (Dolphin CC 5th Floor, Southern Hemisphere II)

Has your team ever spent time onboarding new software and/or integrating significant new features in your technology offerings only to find a lukewarm reception and low utilization of these great new capabilities?  Explore some reasons why this phenomenon occurs and discuss ways to make sure your organization uses the sharpest knives in the drawer. Learn how to apply proven change management techniques, training and communication strategy, and use those to drive adoption.

Speakers: Kim Bookout, Solution Consultant, Opus 2 International; Stephen Dooley, Director of Electronic Discovery and Litigation Support, Sullivan & Cromwell LLP; Adam Wehler, Director – Practice Support, Robinson Bradshaw.


Data Science and Machine Learning Applications, Contemporary Trends, and Practice (Y&B Convention Center, Asbury Hall C/D)

A showcase of new developments in data science, artificial intelligence and machine learning. Attend to learn how data science, GenAI and machine learning are used to automate and enhance legal tasks and processes while improving the accuracy and efficiency of legal operations. Discover case studies and examples applied today in contemporary legal settings. Hear a practical approach to understanding how these technologies can improve legal operations. Understand successes and benefits alongside strategies for overcoming implementation challenges.

Speakers: Iman Badri, Data Scientist, Munger, Tolles & Olson, LLP; Irina Matveeva, Chief of Data Science and AI, Reveal; Julie Strachan Haiber, Global Client Director, Thomson Reuters; Craig Tashman, LiquidText.

Cyber Insurance in Action: Minimize your Risk through Policy Comprehension (Y&B Convention Center, Newport Ballroom East)

Cybercrimes continue to be on the rise and as a result, the cyber insurance market has changed. Insurance prices are going up and coverage is going down.  Join us to learn more about which measures are increasingly being required in order to qualify for coverage and how you can best leverage these requirements to prioritize your security initiatives and budget dollars.  Additionally, once a policy is in place, it’s essential that the policy requirements are understood and communicated to key stakeholders before an attack happens to ensure that you are in compliance throughout a crisis.  Our experts will highlight the key requirements that your team should be prepared for in order to minimize your risk.

Speakers: David Forrestall, CEO, SecurIT360; Kevin Neslage, US Incident Response Claims Counsel, Global Resilience Federation; Tashfin Wahid, Senior Manager, Head of Security Compliance, Fried Frank.

Navigating Tomorrow’s Information Governance Frontier: Addressing the Future of Client Demand and Government Regulation (Dolphin CC 5th Floor, Southern Hemisphere V)

Join our one-hour session, “Navigating Tomorrow’s Information Governance Frontier,” to explore forward-thinking approaches to Information Governance. Discover how our groundbreaking governance product tailored for the legal industry can be your competitive advantage. Learn strategies to proactively meet data challenges and gain insights into the impact of GDPR on global law firms. Embrace innovation and stay ahead in the ever-evolving world of data management. Join us and be part of shaping the future of Information Governance.

The Multiverse of Metaverse Madness: Preparing Legal for the New Dimension (Y&B Convention Center, Newport Ballroom West)

Join this super session to dive head first into the new dimension of the Metaverse with 5 legal tech avengers who have battle scars and war stories to share. Learn about the tools and technology of the Metaverse and how to arm yourself to face all the potential super villains hiding in this brave new world. Marvel at all the strange and amazing aspects of the Metaverse, including recent changes to the Metaverse business model. This session will be a mix of concepts and practical hands-on guidance that will help legal professionals prepare for the Metaverse endgame.

Speakers: Jerry Bui, Managing Director, FTI Consulting; Catherine Casey, Chief Growth Officer, Reveal; Ryan Hemmel, Solutions Engineer, ProSearch Strategies, Inc.; Damir Kahvedzic, Senior Global Data Services Manager, ProSearch Strategies, Inc.; Farrah Pepper, Chief Legal Innovation Counsel, Marsh & McLennan Companies, Inc.

Here’s a link to the detailed agenda for the week. There’s also a few happy hours, receptions and other gatherings as this is probably the biggest day for those.

So, what do you think?  Are you attending any of the ILTACON 2023 Tuesday sessions?  If you’re here in person, look me up!  And please share any comments you might have or if you’d like to know more about a particular topic.

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