Biggest eDiscovery Challenge Today

Biggest eDiscovery Challenge Today? Hint: It’s Increasing: eDiscovery Trends

The latest Veritas article discusses the biggest eDiscovery challenge today, why it’s challenging & what to do about it. Can you guess what it is?

Here’s the answer. The article (Today’s Biggest eDiscovery Challenge? The Wide Variety of Non-email Data Sources, written by Ryon Lane and available here) discusses why the increasing variety of data types subject to discovery is (arguably) the biggest eDiscovery challenge today, various types of data repositories subject to discovery and data collection, and what you should look for in a technology solution to fulfill not just your eDiscovery needs, but also your Archival and Compliance needs as well.

Increasing Types of Data are the Biggest eDiscovery Challenge Today


That’s a bold statement, right? But don’t take Ryon’s word for it – it’s market sentiment as well as the feedback of many of you. The results of the most recent quarterly eDiscovery Business Confidence Survey published by ComplexDiscovery count “Increasing Types of Data” as the single most pressing issue respondents felt will most impact the business of eDiscovery over the next six months (of a choice of six options). Selected by almost 37% of respondents, “Increasing Types of Data” almost doubled the next-highest choice (“Budgetary Constraints” at 19.72%).

But that wasn’t just a quarterly anomaly. According to analysis of the survey results I conducted here, this quarter’s results were the seventh time in eight fiscal quarters “Increasing Types of Data” was at (or tied for) the top issue of concern. That’s a bullish trend indicating just how challenging keeping pace with increasing data types has become.

So, what are the types of data subject to eDiscovery & compliance? And what should you expect from your technology solution in handling these types of data? Check out Ryon’s article here to find out. It’s only one more click! Addressing the biggest eDiscovery challenge today starts with learning about it! 😉

So, what do you think? Do you agree that increasing types of data is the biggest eDiscovery challenge today? If so, when? Please share any comments you might have or if you’d like to know more about a particular topic.


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