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New M365 Roadmap Resource for eDiscovery Features: eDiscovery Trends

Microsoft’s roadmap for M365 is extensive, but here’s a new M365 roadmap resource that enables you to quickly check out eDiscovery related features!

This new M365 roadmap resource has been created by Greg Buckles of eDiscoveryJournal (eDJ) and he announced it here. As Greg notes:

“eDJ has launched a curated guide to the Microsoft Roadmap for eDiscovery peers. Microsoft’s live development Roadmap had 405 feature updates in August. I have the RSS feed directly connected to a Teams channel via a Power Automate flow to alert me on every change. That is a lot of new input to process every day via RSS or even using the Roadmaps excellent filters.

I have written many blogs triggered by Roadmap entries with major potential impact on eDiscovery workflows, policies and practices. There were always so many interesting new features and functionality changes that deserved attention but had low potential impact. I discussed the need for better targeted communication with the Microsoft Purview team and decided to create a monthly blog. That required a database to track the Roadmap. That inspired me to just add it as a page on eDiscovery Journal.”

That page is available here and also via eDJ’s Research menu. For each item, you can click on the Feature ID to see the roadmap item in the M365 roadmap. In addition to details about the roadmap item, Greg also gives each item a minor (1) to major (5) rating and provides a brief comment as to why he felt the item has potential impact on typical corporate eDiscovery scenarios. Here’s a picture of what it looks like:

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Greg also “invite[s] feedback and discussion on this resource and the ever-changing Microsoft Roadmap.” Until he has the comment system functional, email him at for any comments you wish to make.

Given how important M365 has become to the eDiscovery landscape, this is a terrific new M365 roadmap resource to find out about eDiscovery related features quickly and what they might mean to your organization! Thanks, Greg!


So, what do you think? Are you interested in this new M365 roadmap resource? Please share any comments you might have or if you’d like to know more about a particular topic.

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