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AI is Not Coming to Take Your Job, Says a Former Judge: Artificial Intelligence Trends

Terrific article from Hon. Ralph Artigliere (ret.) who has a message of hope for legal professionals: AI is not coming to take your job.

The article is on the EDRM blog (A Message of Hope for Legal Professionals: AI is Not Coming to Take Your Job, available here) and Judge Artigliere begins his discussion with his initial encounter with the GAI job replacement question, which happened at the University of Florida Law School eDiscovery Conference last February. During a break, a young engineering graduate student questioned why computers shouldn’t replace human judges. He argued that machines, devoid of human biases and shortfalls, could provide unparalleled knowledge, stamina, and reasoning abilities.

Judge Artigliere, while acknowledging that his knowledge of GAI was nascent at the time, “responded from my heart and my experience as a judge. I emphasized the importance of human judgment, ethics, and morality in complex legal matters. Judges are called upon to handle the difficult calls that lawyers and parties cannot resolve themselves, and the best option is properly trained humans subject to an oath of office with a sense of responsibility, ethics, morality, and conscience, and the ability to apply their legal training, experience, and knowledge to complex and specialized issues.”


However, as he continued to explore GAI, his perspective evolved. To which he stated: “Rather than focusing on job replacement, we should ask how GAI can make us better legal professionals. GAI, particularly ChatGPT and large language models, offers numerous advantages in the legal field. Lawyers are successfully using GAI to draft documents, summarize information, aid in fact research, support litigation, create exhibits, and assist in eDiscovery tasks by quickly reviewing and analyzing huge sets of documents and emails and identifying potentially relevant items for lawyers to focus on. Some legal organizations are developing closed GAI systems that prioritize confidentiality and privacy. GAI is also useful for efficiently completing administrative law firm tasks and promotional activity.”

Judge Artigliere goes on to discuss the limitations of GAI, its role in legal professions, debunking the myth of job loss and embracing GAI. He does a great job of making it clear that AI is not coming to take your job. However:

“Legal professionals who embrace GAI will likely outperform those who resist it in a competitive job market.”

Well said, Judge Artigliere! Check out his entire article here!

So, what do you think? Are you concerned that AI is coming to take your job? Please share any comments you might have or if you’d like to know more about a particular topic.

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