eDiscovery Assistant Employs ChatGPT

eDiscovery Assistant Employs ChatGPT for Rapid Case Law Summaries

Congrats to eDiscovery Assistant for the announcement that eDiscovery Assistant employs ChatGPT for rapid case law summaries! Part of the press release is below, the full press release is here.

eDiscovery Assistant Unveils AI-Generated Case Law Summaries with Cutting-Edge Generative AI Technology

eDiscovery Assistant Employs ChatGPT for Rapid Case Law Summaries, Revolutionizing Legal Research

Boulder, Colorado – September 25, 2023 eDiscovery Assistant, the exclusive ediscovery case law database and resource center for attorneys and legal professionals, announces the introduction of AI-generated case law summaries to its product offering. The platform, recognized as the exclusive ediscovery case law database and resource center, is leveraging the advanced capabilities of ChatGPT to deliver concise, one-paragraph summaries of case law decisions.

“Our primary objective at eDiscovery Assistant has always been to make the lives of legal professionals easier and more efficient. By incorporating AI-generated summaries, we’re providing our users with immediate insights, ensuring they don’t have to wade through extensive decisions. This is not just a feature—it’s a game-changer,” says Kelly Twigger, CEO and Founder of eDiscovery Assistant. “In March 2023, upon OpenAI’s general access release of ChatGPT, we immediately recognized its transformative potential for eDiscovery Assistant. Our goal has been clear: efficient, on-demand answers to eDiscovery queries. By working closely with our development team, we tailored summary results that focus on eDiscovery’s core, beyond just broad court rulings. This ensures users get precise insights into relevant court decisions. This is just the beginning of our journey with large language models, and with our closed data loop approach, we’re navigating the challenges of accuracy and privacy.”

This innovation is particularly noteworthy in the context of the legal profession, where time is often of the essence. Summaries created using the ChatGPT technology will help professionals to quickly gauge the relevance and implications of a case law decision, enabling them to act rapidly in the best interests of their clients.

Geoffrey Vance, Litigation Partner and Chair of the E-Discovery Services & Strategy Group at Perkins Coie, commented on the announcement: “In the ever-evolving landscape of ediscovery, staying on top of the relevant case law is crucial, and groups like mine are called upon more and more to be the subject matter ediscovery legal experts. eDiscovery Assistant’s AI summaries make our jobs easier and more efficient, converting what historically took hours into a matter of minutes, allowing legal professionals to quickly digest, understand, and report on ediscovery case law. This is a terrific example of legal tech innovation and I’m excited to make good use of it.”

“Generative AI is transforming from a mere tool into a digital coworker. Lawyers have the unique opportunity to improve their efficiency and drive more value for their clients by embracing these new assistants, “ said Ryan O’Leary, Research Director, Privacy and Legal Technology at IDC. “eDiscovery Assistant is blazing a trail for the legal industry by incorporating this capability into their product quickly and effectively. “

With the integration of ChatGPT, eDiscovery Assistant continues to stand at the forefront of legal tech innovation, further solidifying its commitment to providing the best resources and tools for legal professionals around the world.

For more information on eDiscovery Assistant and the new AI-generated case law summaries, please visit http://www.ediscoveryassistant.com/ or sign up for a free trial here.

Congrats again to eDiscovery Assistant for the announcement that eDiscovery Assistant employs ChatGPT for rapid case law summaries!

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