Balancing the Needs of Requesting

Balancing the Needs of Requesting and Producing Parties: eDiscovery Conferences

Here’s an interesting two-day symposium happening next week in Arlington, VA on balancing the needs of requesting and producing parties!

The symposium is titled Balancing the Needs of Requesting and Producing Parties: Getting E-Discovery Right and it is being conducted by the RAND Institute for Civil Justice next Tuesday and Wednesday, October 3rd and 4th! Here is the landing page for the event.

In December 2015, sweeping changes to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure’s discovery-related provisions went into effect with potentially broad implications for how litigants would operate in federal civil cases. The amendments introduced specific changes regarding proportionality in discovery, now requiring discovery to be proportional to the needs of the case and placing renewed emphasis on proportionality factors to be considered by parties and the court. At the time, proponents touted the amendments as potential antidotes for what they asserted was rampant e-discovery abuse and ever-increasing litigation costs, while opponents saw the changes as fundamentally tilting the scales of justice in favor of well-resourced defendants.


Along that theme, panel topics for the two days include:

  • Quantifying the Unquantifiable: How do the Parties, Their Counsel, and the Courts Assess Proportionality?
  • Practical Effects of the 2015 Changes
  • The Expense of E-Discovery Production: What Are the Options for Reducing Costs and Their Impact on Information Exchange?
  • ESI Protocols: Promise vs. Reality
  • TAR Validation: Science or Fiction?
  • Best Practices and Next Steps

Each of the panels has several eDiscovery experts participating discussing the terrific topics you see above! Sounds like a terrific event! If you’re going to be in the Arlington, VA area next Tuesday and Wednesday and interested in discussions regarding balancing the needs of requesting and producing parties, consider registering at the link here!

So, what do you think? Are you dealing with numerous proportionality disputes? If so, consider registering for the symposium! And please share any comments you might have or if you’d like to know more about a particular topic.

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