Relativity Fest 2023 Wednesday

Relativity Fest 2023 Wednesday Sessions: eDiscovery Conferences

Relativity Fest 2023 started yesterday, nearly a month earlier than last year! Here’s what you can expect from Relativity Fest 2023 Wednesday sessions!

The conference is being conducted at the Hyatt Regency Chicago for the second straight year and began with afternoon sessions and activities yesterday before two full days today and Thursday. As usual, I’ll be covering educational sessions at the conference and reporting on whatever else seems interesting. Here are Relativity Fest 2023 Wednesday sessions of note (location in parenthesis):

8:00 AM-8:45 AM CT


Exploring EDRM Innovations – Project Team Showcases & Open Calls for Contributors (Crystal A)

We invite you to join EDRM for a dynamic and engaging discussion during Relativity Fest. EDRM will offer a tailored look into the latest project work advancing electronic discovery, AI, information governance and more.

But this isn’t just a showcase – it’s also an invitation. Each presenter will also make an open call for new contributors to their project, should they need new contributors providing a unique opportunity for attendees to get involved in cutting-edge EDRM work. Prospective contributors will gain insights into the specific needs and collaboration opportunities within each project, offering a direct route to meaningful participation in the EDRM community to potentially find a project that aligns with your own professional interests and aspirations. Whether you’re an industry veteran, a novice eager to contribute, or someone interested in the intersection of law and technology, this discussion is sure to inspire and motivate. Don’t miss the opportunity to be part of this vital conversation, helping shape the future of electronic discovery and beyond.

Join us, explore the ongoing projects, and you may just find the perfect opportunity to join the Global EDRM Project Community.


9:00 AM-10:15 AM CT

Keynote (Grand Ballroom)

We hope you’re enjoying Relativity Fest 2023! During the keynote, CEO Phil Saunders will share his perspective on important shifts taking place in our industry and how we are committed to enabling our customers’ success. He will be joined by Chief Product Officer Chris Brown and other special guests to share the latest and greatest product capabilities that will help empower your practice now and in the future.

Speakers: Chris Brown, Chief Product Officer, Relativity; Phil Saunders, CEO, Relativity.

10:45 AM-11:30 AM CT

What the Arts Taught Me About e-Discovery (Michigan 1ABC)

Often in our industry, we hear “I fell into e-discovery!” And let’s face it: litigation support professional probably wasn’t up there with dolphin trainer on our list of dream jobs. Our diverse backgrounds are what makes the e-discovery industry so dynamic.

During this session, we’ll hear from panelists who started their career in the arts and ended up in e-discovery. We’ll dive into their journey, how they got into e-discovery, lessons learned in the arts, and how they weave their artistic perspective to give them a creative edge in this industry.

Speakers: Courtney Murphy, Member, Burns White LLC; Michelle Six, Of Counsel, Gunster, Yoakley & Stewart; Sean Neilsen, Manager, Talent Pathways Programming, Relativity; Tanya Roychowdhury, Sr. Manager, Counsel – Ethics & Compliance, Lenovo.

Changing Laws, and Changing Cyberthreats: What In-House Counsel Needs to Know (Crystal B)

In an era of constantly changing laws and evolving cyberthreats, what does compliance and risk mitigation look like for today’s in-house counsel?  Join us as we dive into some of the hottest data privacy topics, with a focus on new US state laws, US regulatory action, and the ever-increasing risks considering the volume and nature of data, and today’s cyberthreats.  And of course, no data privacy discussion today would be complete without a discussion of the EU-US Data Privacy Framework and what it means for US companies.

Speakers: Beth Kallet-Neuman, Vice President, Legal, Relativity; Justin Antonipillai, CEO, WireWheel; Justine Young Gottshall, Co-Managing Partner, InfoLawGroup LLP; Mark Antalik, Principal, BDO USA; Steven Stein, Principal, KPMG LLP.

1:00 PM-2:00 PM CT

The 10th Annual Judicial Panel (Grand Ballroom)

At the 10th Annual Relativity Fest Judicial Panel, we’ll look back at some of the issues that have made the law of e-discovery one of the most dynamic and cutting-edge areas of law over the past decade. With video vignettes from previous meetings of the Judicial Panel, we’ll examine how the law has changed, how it has stayed the same, where the judges’ predictions were correct, and when they were somewhat less than correct. We’ll also look to the future to hear what the judges see on the horizon on topics from artificial intelligence to the trinity of cooperation, proportionality, and sanctions in e-discovery.

This session has been submitted for CLE accreditation.

Speakers: David Horrigan, Discovery Counsel & Legal Education Director, Relativity; Hon. Nora Barry Fischer, Hon. William Matthewman, Hon. Xavier Rodriguez, Hon. Toni Clarke, Hon. Andrew Peck (ret.), Senior counsel, DLA Piper; Master Victoria McCloud.

2:30 PM-3:15 PM CT

Unlocking Mobile Insights: Empowering Internal Investigations and e-Discovery in the Digital Age (Crystal A)

In a 2023 industry report, a staggering 89% of service providers and 90% of corporations have reported actively collecting data from mobile devices. However, challenges persist in preserving mobile data to prevent spoliation, conducting forensically sound data collection, and effectively converting collected data into a readable format. Join us for a thought-provoking exploration of the immense potential of mobile data in the legal landscape. Discover the strategies and solutions that bridge the gap between data preservation, collection, and utilization. In this forward-looking discussion, participants will envision a future where mobile data becomes a cornerstone of successful legal investigations and e-discovery efforts in the digital age.

Speakers: Monica Harris, Product Business Manager, Cellebrite; Kenya Parrish-Dixon, Kristin Sunderman, eDiscovery & ESI Mgmt Director, Freddie Mac; Mike Deuerling, Senior Product Manager, Relativity; Marcin Krieger, Associate, Reed Smith, LLP.

The Law, the Taliban, and the Women Judges of Afghanistan (Crystal B)

In August 2021, the Taliban returned to power in Afghanistan, and the United States completed its withdrawal from the nation after two decades of war. The return of Taliban rule brought the end of many rights for the women of Afghanistan, including Afghanistan’s women judges, who became immediate targets of the Taliban. In this program developed by Relativity and the National Association of Women Judges (NAWJ), you will learn about the legal changes in Afghanistan and the women judges’ harrowing escapes from Afghanistan.

This session has been submitted for CLE accreditation.

Speakers: David Horrigan, Discovery Counsel & Legal Education Director, Relativity; Master Victoria McCloud, Hon. Lida Kharooti Sayed, Hon. Toni Clarke.

3:45 PM-4:30 PM CT

ABCD… ESG: The ESG Basics for e-Discovery (Michigan 1ABC)

Acronyms and e-discovery go hand-in-hand. While it may seem like the “alphabet soup of the day,” ESG (environmental, social, and governance) is here to stay. We’ll discuss common misconceptions about ESG, ways that related policies and regulations may impact our industry, and how you and your business can both do your part to support a better future and get ahead of the curve.

Speakers: Beth Kallet-Neuman, Vice President, Legal, Relativity; Jigna Dalal, Discovery Consultant, Squire Patton Boggs; Jamie Gamble, Managing Director, PwC; Kevin Bannon, Head of CMS Evidence, CMS UK.

Boost Your Investment: Transform Data Management, eDiscovery & Investigations with Microsoft Purview (Crystal A)

The world of legal affairs and investigations can be complex and daunting, compounded by the challenge of dealing with vast amounts of data. Microsoft Purview eDiscovery offers an intelligent, streamlined solution to these challenges, enabling efficient data management and risk reduction. This session provides an opportunity to hear from industry professionals who have embraced Microsoft Purview in combination with RelativityOne to address these complexities.

Through their experiences, we’ll delve into how Purview’s capabilities allow them to sift through large volumes of data to focus on what truly matters, fostering more efficient and less risky processes. The session also explores the seamless integration between Microsoft Purview and RelativityOne, demonstrating how these two systems work together to provide flexibility for a variety of eDiscovery scenarios.

Lastly, we’ll touch on the recent and future enhancements to Microsoft Purview that aim to further advance your data lifecycle management and eDiscovery workflows. Our goal is to equip you with the knowledge and insights to effectively tackle your legal and investigative data challenges. This includes understanding the full potential of your investment in Microsoft Purview.

Speakers: Nick Robinson, Product Manager, Microsoft 365 Purview, Microsoft; Caitlin Fitzgerald, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Microsoft; Adam Rouse, Director and Sr. Counsel, eDiscovery Operations, Walgreens; Natalie Noonan, Compliance Global Black Belt, Microsoft.

3:45 PM-4:45 PM CT

The e-Discovery State of the Union (Crystal B)

What’s the latest in the world of e-discovery?  Find out at a Relativity Fest tradition, the e-Discovery State of the Union. With perspectives from legal media, industry analysts, and e-discovery experts, we’ll look at the legal developments, news stories, technological breakthroughs, and industry issues affecting e-discovery. Join us for this informative, interactive, educational, and entertaining look at e-discovery and related legal and technology disciplines.

Speakers: David Horrigan, Discovery Counsel & Legal Education Director, Relativity; Ryan O’Leary, Research Director, IDC; Isha Marathe, Stephanie Wilkins, Editor-in-Chief, Legaltech News; ALM; Joe Patrice, Senior Editor, Above the Law, Bob Ambrogi, Publisher, LawSites/LawNext; Greg Buckles, Analyst-Consultant, eDiscovery Journal; Joy Heath Rush.

5:00 PM-6:00 PM CT

Law and Policy: Cameras in the Courtroom (Crystal B)

With cameras on just about every smartphone, cameras seem to be peering into every aspect of life at almost every moment—except in the federal courtroom. Although there are pilot programs, cameras are mostly banned in federal courts. Join us for perspectives from lawyers, journalists and a federal judge as we examine the legal issues, the policy implications, the legal ethics considerations, the impact on state courts—including the effect of Court TV and the 24-hour news cycle, and whether cameras in federal court would lead to helpful transparency or harmful theatrics.

This session has been submitted for CLE (ethics) accreditation.

Speakers: David Horrigan, Discovery Counsel & Legal Education Director, Relativity; Joe Patrice, Senior Editor, Above the Law; Isha Marathe, Stephanie Wilkins, Editor-in-Chief, Legaltech News, ALM; Hon. William Matthewman.

Plus, there’s the annual Relativity Networking Party from 7pm to midnight(!), this year at The Old Post Office! Sorting mail has never been more fun! 😉

Pricing is available here for either in-person or digital pass, with registration links for each option as well. If you’re here at the conference, say hi!

So, what do you think? Which Relativity Fest 2023 Wednesday sessions are you attending? Please share any comments you might have or if you’d like to know more about a particular topic.

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