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ReadySuite 8 Has New Chat & RSMF Features!

Didn’t get a chance to work this announcement in until now, but KLDiscovery has announced that ReadySuite 8 has new Chat & RSMF features!

Announced last week, KLDiscovery’s next release, ReadySuite 8, will focus on enhancing their support for the Relativity Short Message (RSMF) file format along with introducing the ability to collect (and convert) chat messaging data from platforms such as Microsoft Teams, Google Chat, and Slack.

KLDiscovery first introduced support for the RSMF load file format back in ReadySuite 7.1. As long as you have data and fields you can map to the RSMF format, ReadySuite can create and export RSMF files with several built-in options for batching and splitting files. More recently, they enhanced the Batch Import tool to support RSMF files, further expanding capabilities in ReadySuite to preview and show you the contents of RSMF files without the need for any processing.

Starting with ReadySuite 8, KLDiscovery is introducing the chat project type, and the ability to connect to chat sources via both API methods or exported file formats.

Initially, they will support the following chat sources and formats:

  • Microsoft Teams – using Graph API and exported Purview HTML files
  • Slack – using Slack API and exported JSON files
  • Google Chat – using Vault API and exported Takeout files

As part of the announcement, KLDiscovery has provided an animated first look at the chat connectors process and the chat conversation viewer (using an “out of the world” example most of us are familiar with). Check it out here! And to learn more about ReadySuite and the benefits it offers, visit the ReadySuite page on KLDiscovery’s website.

So, what do you think of the fact that ReadySuite 8 has new Chat & RSMF features? Please share any comments you might have or if you’d like to know more about a particular topic.

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