Merlin Releases DiscoveryPartner

Merlin Releases DiscoveryPartner

Congrats to Merlin for the announcement that Merlin releases DiscoveryPartner, a full-featured Generative AI platform for discovery! Part of the press release is below, a link to the full press release is here.

Merlin Releases DiscoveryPartner: the First GenAI-Powered Discovery and Investigations Platform

DiscoveryPartner™ offers a revolutionary way to find, review and analyze documents for investigations, ediscovery and other large data sets– achieving in minutes what typically takes hours or days, allowing clients to save on hosting costs for clients with On/Off Cloud Utility pricing™.

Denver CO, Nov. 13, 2023Merlin Search Technologies, a pioneering AI and cloud technology company, announced the release of DiscoveryPartner, a full-featured Generative AI platform designed to reengineer search, investigation and discovery workflow. By harnessing large language models (LLMs) like GPT and Claude for critical discovery tasks, DiscoveryPartner slashes the time and costs of traditional discovery workflow, allowing clients to find, analyze and review large documents sets faster and at substantially lower costs than was ever possible using review teams alone.

DiscoveryPartner is delivered securely via the cloud, using unique single-tenant cloud architecture for greater security and flexibility, coupled with groundbreaking On/Off Cloud Utility Pricing. Clients can reduce hosting costs by up to 70% by switching sites off when not in use, while reducing their carbon footprint.

DiscoveryPartner is a full-featured platform for investigations and discovery.

A Singular Vision

“Merlin started out with a singular vision—to revolutionize investigation and discovery workflows through AI and advanced cloud technologies,” explained Merlin’s founder and CEO John Tredennick. “Our objective was to make search, analysis and review of large document sets faster and more effective, while reducing the costs associated with traditional, labor-intensive workflow. After three years of development, a million lines of code and 100 platform releases, we’re doing just that. DiscoveryPartner is a game changer for investigations and discovery, saving clients and their law firms millions of dollars.”

Tredennick began his career as a trial lawyer and partner at a national law firm. He and his team began developing litigation technology in the mid-90s, before founding Catalyst Repository Systems, which became a leading international ediscovery provider. In 2019, after selling Catalyst to a large public company, Tredennick founded Merlin Search Technologies to take document investigation and discovery to the next level. He brought his India-based development team (with whom he had worked for almost two decades) and a senior data scientist who had worked with him at Catalyst.

Powered by Sherlock AI

DiscoveryPartner is powered by Sherlock AI, a set of generative AI and machine learning algorithms that automate critical discovery tasks, allowing them to be completed in minutes, rather than hours or days.

Clients can use Sherlock AI to:

  • Find documents without complex keyword searches. Sherlock AI keys off user judgments, analyzing and ranking a subset or the entire data set in milliseconds.
  • Analyze individual and large groups of documents to quickly identify key witnesses, issues and information and synthesize content across documents.
  • Review documents with GenAI, saving on professional costs and time, with the algorithm tagging documents for responsiveness, providing the reasons for each classification.

With a simple prompt, Sherlock AI can identify key witnesses, summarize document content, create timelines, suggest deposition candidates, provide questions and create full-blown investigation reports. All information can be downloaded to create reports.

For more about DiscoveryPartner, including additional screen shots and links to learn more, check out the full press release here.

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