Five Reasons Why Organizations May Be (Or Should Be) Bringing More Discovery In-House: eDiscovery Trends

As the title indicates, today’s weekly blog post for Ipro’s blog discusses five reasons why organizations today may be (or maybe should be) bringing more discovery in-house.  And I’ll do it in a kindler, gentler fashion than the way Lucy gave “five good reasons” to Linus above for memorizing his script for the Christmas play.

Here’s one of the reasons:

Budgets are as Constrained As They’ve Ever Been

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Every quarter, Rob Robinson’s Complex Discovery blog issues an eDiscovery Business Confidence Survey, which surveys eDiscovery professionals about their confidence in the business of eDiscovery.  One of the questions Rob asks every quarter is which factor (out of six choices) they feel will most impact the business of eDiscovery over the next six months.  In the Summer survey conducted back in July (which I covered here), the top factor was Budgetary Constraints, which was selected by a majority (56%) of the respondents as being most impactful over the next six months, more than the other five factors combined.  Certainly, organizations are more constrained by budgetary concerns since the pandemic began, which means that many are bringing more discovery work in house to save costs.

So, what are the other four reasons? You can find out on Ipro’s blog here.  Don’t worry, it’s just one extra click!  :o)

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So, what do you think?  Is your organization bringing more discovery in-house, as a result of the pandemic or other reasons?  Please share any comments you might have or if you’d like to know more about a particular topic.

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