Here’s the Person Who Inspires Me to Write This Blog Every Day: eDiscovery Inspirations

Over the years, a lot of people have asked me “Doug, how do you manage to write a blog post every day?”  And that was even before I starting writing two of them on many days!  If you’ll indulge me this one-day departure from normal eDiscovery related topics (after all, it is my blog!), here’s my inspiration.

Meet Paige, my wife!  Today’s her birthday!  She’s the love of my life and the most wonderful woman in the world (at least to me).  She’s beautiful and has a great smile and a terrific laugh.  She’s also a great mom and a great wife.  She’s a great listener and takes an active interest in the people she meets and really tries to get to know them.  That’s a much rarer quality than many realize.  A lot of people in this world like to “hold court” and talk about themselves all day, but Paige is someone who would much rather ask people questions about themselves and get to know them than talk about herself (even when some people can’t stop talking about themselves).  Her interest in others was one of the first things (other than how beautiful she is and how delightful and fun she is) that I noticed about her.  That, and her cute little “shrug” when she greets me at a restaurant.  🙂

Paige is also funny and she also has a wonderful ability to laugh at herself, even when she does something goofy.  Together, we laugh about all sorts of things, even past disagreements we’ve had!  Which are rare.  She is always quick to do nice things for the ones she loves, whether it’s for her mom, her kids, her friends or me.  Or even strangers in need.


Before I met Paige, I had given up on finding the love of my life or believing that such a person could be out there.  And, believe me, I had looked a long time for that person before I met her.  Now, I simply feel blessed that I have someone like Paige to share my life with!

Happy Birthday, honey!  It’s your birthday, but it feels like every day is my birthday since we met.  I love you!

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