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More Than One Love to Recognize on Valentine’s Day: eDiscovery Valentines

Valentine’s Day is a time to recognize and appreciate your special someone and I am blessed to have a beautiful and wonderful wife to spend every Valentine’s Day with – this day didn’t have near as much meaning for me before I met her. She’s the most important love of my life. But I also have more than one love to recognize on this Valentine’s Day as well.

In case any of you get the wrong idea by “more than one love” – 😉 – I mean that I’m blessed to truly love what I do. I work in a fascinating industry which always has interesting topics to learn about, which I then get to write about. When it comes to electronic discovery, information governance, data privacy, cybersecurity, artificial intelligence and/or any of the other disciplines that I write about – there’s literally never a dull moment! It’s a captivating industry to be a part of and I’m lucky and blessed that my job literally forces me to learn more and more about it so that I can write about it for all of you! Thanks to all of you for continuing to read it!

Even within the industry, I have more than one love. I’m also blessed to have gotten to know many of you, either in person at various conferences over the years, or via social media, or via virtual events and calls since the pandemic began. There are a lot of truly terrific, caring people in this industry and I’m glad to know many of you and be able to consider you not just a colleague, but a friend as well.


From a personal standpoint, I also love my friends outside the industry (believe it or not, I have those too) and, of course, I love my family very much – Kiley and Carter – and our furry family members – Brooke and Magic.

But of course, this is Valentine’s Day, so I must recognize the true love of my life, my wife Paige! I introduced you to her last year on her birthday, which is coming up again on Saturday, so this week is a veritable Paige-a-palooza! I may have more than one love, but she is my one true love! I love you, honey!!

So, what do you think?  Who and what do you love this Valentine’s Day? Please share any comments you might have or if you’d like to know more about a particular topic.

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