Rest in Peace, Bill David

I was shocked and saddened earlier this week to find out that Bill David, a long-time colleague and friend of mine and many others in eDiscovery, passed away this past weekend.

Bill was the Chief Technical Officer and co-founder of CloudNine and a co-worker of mine for ten years.  Bill was the chief architect of much of CloudNine’s tech stack, including the CloudNine review platform.  Bill used to say that “we have to zig when they zag”, which was his way of saying that we had to do something different from our competitors to stand out in the industry.  To that end, he managed the implementation of CloudNine Review on a private cloud environment instead of the public cloud environment that many other review platforms are built on, and that had particular appeal to many of the customers that used CloudNine.

As a result, Bill had a visionary approach to developing technology and wasn’t afraid to think outside the box with regard to creating technology solutions.  When Bill would approach any of us and say, “I have a prototype I’ve been working on that I want you to take a look at”, it was always impressive and exciting, and many of those prototype ideas became technology that was used by CloudNine’s customers.

Bill David had a developer’s mentality.  He worked at home mostly (well before most of us started doing it during the pandemic) and when he came into the office, he was usually wearing a T-shirt, shorts and sandals (unless he had an important meeting).  Several times, he refused to shave until a product release was out the door, which for some lengthy development cycles meant he grew a pretty long beard!

Bill David also had a salesperson’s personality.  Unlike a lot of developer types, Bill was outgoing and gregarious and friendly to all.  He could relate equally well to developers talking technology and investors talking business, and he did both very well.  Bill also cracked jokes regularly, laughed heartily and could “hold court” telling very interesting or funny stories in a way that was always entertaining, never overbearing.  You were never bored when you were together with Bill!

Brad Jenkins, the other co-founder of CloudNine who also worked with Bill for years before that, said this about Bill: “I was proud to be Bill’s business partner, but most importantly I was honored to be his friend. Bill was constantly extending himself to others without expecting anything in return. While I admire Bill’s loyalty the most, it is his sense of humor and our laughs together that I will miss every day.”

Bill’s biggest passion was his family – his wife Kristie and his son Tanner.  He worked hard and managed to juggle a lot of responsibilities as CTO of the company, but always put his family first. My condolences, thoughts and prayers are with them.

CloudNine has a release announcement about Bill here and is establishing a scholarship fund to assist students with their educational goals to honor his legacy.

Rest in Peace, Bill David.  Heaven just became a whole lot livelier with you in it.

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  1. I met Bill over 20 years ago through Brad Jenkins and I share the same thoughts 100%. Always positive, always helpful and Bill had no return expectations. Anytime I had the privilege to get together with Bill it was like we had always been in touch. Bill had a wonderful and welcoming spirit about him. He was a gentle giant in both stature and intellect. One of Bills greatest qualities was explaining a highly technical issue while not making you feel inadequate or inferior in any way. Making someone feel less, about anything, just wasn’t his style. Bill’s welcoming spirit and bright light will be missed. The world was a better place with Bill in it.

  2. Mr. Austin, Thank you for you fine words in memory of our son, William Huston David III, simply know as Bill David. Bill grew up in Phoenix, a middle class family; Dad a Locomotive Engineer, Mom a Registered Nurse. He had a typical upbringing…played the drums in his High School Marching Band, excelled in Math, drove a ’65 Mustang his senior year. Those were the early years, but it was in Texas where his life’s adventure truly began…he found his calling, met his future wife Kristie and became the proud father of a little Texan named Tanner. Of course I can’t summarize his life in one paragraph, but maybe I can more succinctly describe his character…God fearing, hard working, a thinker, strong willed, tenacious, kind, loyal, goal oriented, never one to quit, on and on and on. Thank you for allowing me to share these thoughts with you and your followers. He fought the good fight; he finished the race and he kept the faith. He will be our beloved Son forever…Thank You, William and Marina David

  3. Thank you, William and Marina for your comments. We were very blessed in Texas to know Bill as a colleague and friend, but he told us so many stories about his upbringing in Arizona and his experiences at Arizona State and it was clear he cherished those memories. As much as we feel his loss here, I know that the two of you and Kristie and Tanner and the rest of your family feel it so much more. I am so sorry for your loss. God bless you and your family.

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