Without the Human Component, Artificial Intelligence Wouldn’t Be Intelligent: eDiscovery Best Practices

A lot of people out there are worried about artificial intelligence (AI) taking over our lives someday.  We already rely on AI algorithms for a lot in our daily lives and to support legal technology use cases as well.  But, as this recent article from HaystackID notes, to maximize AI’s potential, providers need to take a holistic approach, relying on the human component as much as the technology itself.

Their article on Legal AI and Data Intelligence discusses how ubiquitous AI has become in our daily lives – from curation of selections on Netflix to facial recognition to identify customers walking into a retail store to helping e-commerce providers “guess” what else you might like to buy to even diagnosing health conditions—privacy issues notwithstanding—well before a patient calls the doctor.

Part of the need for AI is due to the sheer volume of data being generated and visual content, including emojis and GIFs popping up in written communication of all forms in recent years, is now a big driver of data generation.  In the legal landscape, AI technologies have proven to deliver greater knowledge at a faster pace than other tools, as data volumes continue to expand in both complexity and volume.  Yet as AI algorithms learn, eDiscovery providers continually need to enhance delivery models and customize client solutions. This is where the human component remains vital. While technology in the legal industry has led to revolutionary changes and improvements in litigation discovery and investigations, workflow efficiencies are deeply and intertwined with human decision making.

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So, how does AI address both cybersecurity and eDiscovery from a cyber discovery approach?  And what should you look for from a provider to provide the human component necessary to succeed? Check out their article here to find that out – and more.  AI can’t read this article for you!  😉

So, what do you think?  How are you leveraging AI to support your legal use cases?  Please share any comments you might have or if you’d like to know more about a particular topic.

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