Here’s a Post Where AI Promotes Gaslighting!: Artificial Intelligence Trends

Don’t worry, it’s not what you think!  Rob Robinson had a fun and interesting post yesterday on his excellent ComplexDiscovery blog about Artificial Intelligence (AI) enabled writing and how it appears to have an exciting place in the future of content marketing, using gaslighting as one of the topics (among others).  The results are interesting and fun to check out!

Rob’s post (Just for Fun? eDiscovery Mergers, Organizational Gaslighting, and Artificial Intelligence) illustrates a “short, just for fun exercise” with a beta version of the writing assistant ChewyAI that illustrates how AI-enabled content tools appear to be able to quickly provide suggestions and samples that can help inform additional content development.  On their website, ChewyAI promises this:

“We chew up your words and spit better sh*t out.”


Really?  Well, Rob takes areas of personal business interest – productivity services, mergers and acquisitions, business management (including the book Traction by Gino Wickman, which is so excellent, I have two copies) and emerging technologies.

ChewyAI’s beta service can create content from the submission of a basic product headline, a short product description of 400 characters or less, and a listing of five or fewer keywords. Elements of content created by the service include:

  • Product Descriptions
  • Sub-Headers
  • Features
  • Enhanced Features
  • Calls To Action
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Brand Stories
  • Blog Titles
  • Bullet Points to Blog

Here’s are the hypothetical product offering, description, and supporting keywords provided by Rob in the exercise:

  • Hypothetical Product Title: Gaslighting Detection Service
  • Hypothetical Product Description: With the proliferation of mergers and acquisitions in the eDiscovery arena, more organizations are bringing together disparate cultures and businesses practices. When merging products, processes, and people, there is an increasing challenge of Gaslighting by those responsible for revenue, roadmaps, and reductions. This new offering helps detect potential Gaslighting by organizational leaders.
  • Submitted Keywords: Gaslighting, Leadership, Mergers, Acquisitions, eDiscovery

As Rob’s post illustrates, marketing content examples were created in a matter of minutes through the assistance of AI.  And it’s pretty amazing!  Should I be worried?  Maybe more so than I was after this post last year about another AI engine that actually wrote blog posts (sort of).

BTW, Rob notes that one recently published article by the Harvard Business Review on gaslighting is an example of a topic that interests him in business management – in case you were wondering why he selected “gaslighting” as a topic for his hypothetical example.  Until I read that, so was I… 😉

Also BTW, the graphic is from the movie Gaslight, starring Ingrid Bergman from 1944.  There is one actor/actress from that movie who was an adult when it was released and is still alive today.  Do you know who it is (without looking it up)?

So, what do you think?  Do you see the value of using an AI online writing assistant?  Please share any comments you might have or if you’d like to know more about a particular topic.

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