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Four Benefits of the API + Dynamic Capture Approach: eDiscovery Best Practices

This week’s post from Jim Gill of Hanzo gives us more ways to “supercharge” SaaS collection with four benefits of the API + dynamic capture approach to collection!

In the article Four Reasons Why Dynamic Capture Technology used in Conjunction with APIs Supercharges Your SaaS Collection Process, Jim discusses how eDiscovery and compliance are no longer reactive endeavors. Organizations must be proactive in order to mitigate legal and regulatory risk and waiting for the perfect API for all of your data sources isn’t a sustainable option. Legal and compliance teams need a solution to capture the required data from the myriad and ever-growing onslaught of SaaS applications in today’s enterprise technology stack.

This is where combining the information gained through an API with dynamic capture technology’s ability to collect broad amounts of SaaS data provides unparalleled agility for legal and compliance teams when managing new data sources. There are (at least) four benefits of the API + dynamic capture approach to collection. Here’s one of them:

Future proof

With the continually growing SaaS application market and the high percentage of app turnover within an organization, relying on APIs for ediscovery, investigation, and compliance functions will always keep legal teams a step behind.

Dynamic capture technology provides access to data and metadata within complex applications in a way similar to the user’s experience, capturing information included in the user interface without relying on the development of a purpose-built API.

So, what are the other three of four benefits of the API + dynamic capture approach to collection? You’ll have to read his blog post here to find out! It’s just one more click!

eDiscovery Assistant

So, what do you think? How does your organization address SaaS collection for discovery? Please share any comments you might have or if you’d like to know more about a particular topic.

BTW, I’m sure you get the significance of today’s graphic! So, which color won? 😉

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