Project Management in Electronic Discovery

Project Management in Electronic Discovery, Second Edition by Mike Q: eDiscovery Best Practices

Mike Quartararo literally wrote the book on project management in electronic discovery. Now, he’s updated that book in a recently released second edition!

Mike, who is also the President of ACEDS, originally published the book in 2016, when he was still running a litigation support operation for a large law firm. His book (Project Management in Electronic Discovery: An Introduction to Core Principles of Legal Project Management and Leadership in eDiscovery*) has been (if not the only) certainly the most comprehensive book on eDiscovery project management out there. It includes chapters on:

  • The Legal Process: Understanding the Body of Work in the Legal Industry
  • The Discovery Process: Narrowing the Issues, Avoiding Surprise and Uncovering the Truth
  • The Fundamentals of Traditional Project Management
  • The Project Management Lifecycle
  • Preparation for the Discovery Process
  • Detailed Chapters on the Phases of the EDRM Lifecycle, from Information Governance through Production

It also includes appendices with project management process groups, sample project management forms, key FRCP and FRE eDiscovery related rules and sample eDiscovery forms.


So, what’s new in the second edition of Project Management in Electronic Discovery? Here are some of the updates:

  • More expansive coverage of legal operations within law firms, corporate legal departments, and legal service providers.
  • Addition of a section that illustrates how the principles and practices of project management are generally applied to eDiscovery projects.
  • Expanded discussion on Information Governance, which further emphasizes the breadth and scope of information governance and reinforces that information governance is truly the foundation of eDiscovery.
  • Additional sections on the importance of search in eDiscovery.
  • An entirely new chapter on Technology Assisted Review (TAR), with a sample TAR protocol included in the appendix.

I asked Mike about the book and the second edition, and he said: “I originally wrote this book for students while working at a law firm. It turns out that thousands of people beyond academic circles are interested in learning about project management in the context of electronic discovery. With the second edition, I updated some of the recommended practices that lead to successful e-discovery project outcomes, and I broadened the scope of the topic to increase understanding both at the corporate legal level and with service provider organizations. I’m proud to make this contribution to the industry and hope readers find the material helpful.”

Where can you get Project Management in Electronic Discovery? While you can get it on Amazon or Barnes & Noble, you can get it for a 20% discount straight from Mike’s site* (, using the promo code COUPON20 at check out.

If you are managing projects in eDiscovery, Mike’s book Project Management in Electronic Discovery is a must read! My copy of the first edition I’ve referenced over the years is heavily dog eared and I’m sure my second edition copy will be soon as well! 🙂


So, what do you think? Do you manage projects in eDiscovery? Then, consider getting Mike’s book! And, please share any comments you might have or if you’d like to know more about a particular topic.

* – Mike proves through both the title of his book and his website that he really does know how to spell eDiscovery! 😀

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  1. Thanks for the coverage and the kind words, Doug. Truly means a lot. FYI on the use of “eDiscovery” versus “E-Discovery,” since it’s part of the proper name and title I was advised not to hyphenate per the Chicago Manual of Style. I’m just following the rules!

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