EDI Summit 2022

EDI Summit 2022 Starts Tomorrow: eDiscovery Trends

The Electronic Discovery Institute (EDI)’s annual event – the EDI Summit 2022 starts tomorrow! And it has two full days of eDiscovery education on Thursday and Friday – in Miami!

EDI is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to education, leadership, service, advocacy and research at the intersection of law and technology. The EDI community comprises corporate counsel, private practitioners, judges, professors of law and science, consultants, technologists and experts. Each year EDI members gather at the EDI Leadership Summit to learn, teach and collaborate on emerging issues in law and technology – with a focus on discovery, information governance, cybersecurity, litigation and big data management.

This year, the EDI Summit 2022 is at the Eden Roc in Miami Beach, Florida. After a Welcome Reception tomorrow evening, the event will include two days of educational sessions and activities. The Summit Schedule is here.

Notable sessions over the two days that you may want to check out include:

Thursday @ 10:00am:

Swimming in Lake Okeechobee: Cyber Breach Investigations

In today’s world, cyber threat actors are increasingly sophisticated, operating as global enterprises with well-defined chains of command that work closely with other organizations in their community to target, extort and disrupt the day-to-day operations of their victims. Cyber-attacks can take down entire businesses for extended periods, cause disruptions in vital global supply chains and, in the case of healthcare organizations, even result in loss of life. Subsequent litigation may ensue involving eDiscovery in connection with the breach, raising other issues and challenges. Led by a team of distinguished cyber discovery specialists, this session will highlight critical concerns and considerations of cyber, data and legal discovery professionals through the lens of practices and protocols that cover the complete lifecycle of a cyber incident. Sponsored by HaystackID.


Thursday @ 11:30am:

Bringing the Heat: Preventative Tools to Assist in Data Security

Does your discovery process meet strict data security requirements? With remote review, the new normal includes more and more sensitive data leaving the firewall at a regular click. Join this panel to identify where the pitfalls are throughout the EDRM workflow. Participants will learn how to identify data security issues in your discovery process and the tools to remedy them. Sponsored by IPRO.

Thursday @ 1:30pm:

Return to the Metaverse! Discovery in the Year 2030

Join us for an encore presentation of the most hotly-discussed topic from this year’s Summer Meeting at the Microsoft Campus in Seattle. This panel offers a unique, interactive demonstration of the latest virtual reality technologies and will explore how these tools could shape the business landscape in years to come. Peek through the looking glass to see what the hybrid workplace could look like in 2030. How will telework and WFH evolve? What are the potential ramifications for litigation and discovery? Will adoption of this technology be chosen by you or for you? You’ve got to see the metaverse to believe it. Sponsored by ProSearch.

Friday @ 10:00am:

ESI Protocols: Best Practice or a Waste of Time?

Over the years, best practices have dictated entering into ESI protocols at the beginning of matters to memorialize the parties’ agreements early on in the case. Courts have even mandated the use of form ESI orders in some jurisdictions. But parties can get bogged down in the detail when negotiating ESI protocols and waste time and money negotiating items that are already the law of the land or that are not major issues. This panel will discuss recent caselaw and experiences with ESI protocols, what has worked, what hasn’t and key provisions on which to focus when negotiating an ESI protocol.

Friday @ 3:00pm:

The Swap Shop: Finding Value Through the Procurement of Legal Services in the Corporation

In today’s world of disparate data sources, changing service models, and ever-increasing complexity, it is more important than ever that discovery leaders have a dependable method for assessing the value of the technology and services they need to acquire. For most corporations, the chosen method is still the Request for Proposal or RFP. But do RFPs truly assess value? Do they help discovery leaders make better purchasing decisions? Which questions are the most (ahem) valuable? And can we make the process easier? Join this session for a robust discussion of these questions and real-world examples of assessing value. Sponsored by ProSearch.

Here is the agenda at a glance and detailed descriptions of all the sessions.

Of course, it’s an eDiscovery conference, so all the sessions at the EDI Summit 2022 look interesting! Some tough choices! And a great venue to boot! You can still register to attend on their site here!

So, what do you think? Are you attending the EDI Summit 2022? Please share any comments you might have or if you’d like to know more about a particular topic.

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