More Legalweek 2023 Observations

More Legalweek 2023 Observations from Attendees: eDiscovery Trends

A lot of people have Legalweek 2023 observations! So, here are more Legalweek 2023 observations from participants, in their own words.

More Legalweek 2023 Observations

Selected impressions (from here) include: 1) Saw that some providers had their own social/event space in adjacent hotels. Heard from others that the lead generation from 2022 was so small that they cancelled their LegalWeek budget and just had a couple key folks do client meetings. Got more client time this way; 2) Way more foot traffic than recent years. More buyers on the floor. Positive mood and animated conversations; Loved the diversity in the attendees. Felt like more than half the crowd were women and not ‘generic older white guys in suits’ (i.e. like me). Changing of the eDiscovery guard? Hope so.


– Greg Buckles, Research Consultant, eDiscoveryJournal

It was great to see more people at Legalweek as we return from the pandemic.  The themes around chat and information governance are evolving and there appears to be a lot of focus on contract management in the space that didn’t exist before. 

– Jeffrey Wolff, Director of Corporate Solutions, IPRO

It was nice to see the legal community lean into Legalweek 2023. The conference floor was bustling, networking was vibrant, and AI-powered innovation was a prevalent theme this year. Managing collaboration data has also clearly hit the high priority list among conference attendees as enterprises ready themselves to respond to ediscovery requests involving Teams, Slack, or other collaborative data sources.

eDiscovery Assistant

– Sarena Regazzoni, Sr. Director of Communications, Hanzo

Refreshing old connections and making new ones was just as invigorating and insightful as the trending and informative content in the sessions. The conference speakers, networking, meetings, and meals provided insights that will shape collaborations and initiatives for the remainder of the year and beyond. Legalweek 2023 did not disappoint and I’m already looking forward to Legalweek 2024.

– Monica Harris, Product Business Manager, Cellebrite

Attending Legalweek this year was an incredibly enlightening experience, filled with inspiring takeaways. One of the most exciting things to hear about was the M&A developments, particularly the news surrounding the launch of new end-to-end service provider Repario as well Reveal’s acquisition of Ligl. Witnessing new product launches such as emerging leader Altumatim that are really pushing the envelope with AI in the legal field was simply amazing. But what really warmed my heart was seeing so many fresh faces, including younger generations and Black and Brown professionals in legal technology, who are making their presence felt and demanding greater diversity and inclusivity in the industry. It was truly a powerful experience that left me feeling energized and optimistic for the future of legal tech.

– Maribel Rivera, VP at ACEDS and Independent Marketing Consultant

Legal Week 2023 was epic!  Back to full force in term of attendance, you could not walk around without coming across someone you know.  The events were fantastic and you were able to catch up with people.  It was a great opportunity to have in-person meetings instead of video.

– Marla Mohr, Director, The Master’s Conference

This year Legalweek was a bit different for me as I was able to meet many of the clients of our startup for the first time. It was great to see the interest from clients in true innovative tech that are using technology and AI in true practical ways – solutions from companies like Altumatim, apprentAI, Pre/Dicta, and of course Altorney! The real-life scenarios that these and other forward thinking companies are actually solving was refreshing and not just taking advantage of the buzz around the tech du jour (yes I am talking about you, ChatGPT…). Looking forward to seeing how they grow over the next year!

– Rachi Messing, Altorney Co-Founder

My take on Legalweek is “connection” with everyone wanting to meet up in real life! My highlights surrounded around seeing people in person for the first time for many in 3 years and meeting the whole person in real life whom I had only met on Zoom!

– Kaylee Walstad, Chief Strategy Officer, EDRM

Legalweek represents more than just a conference about new trends in our industry, it’s also serves as the biggest gathering of legal professionals. From meetings about data privacy to information governance, almost all of the conversations that occurred this week eventually led to discussing ChatGPT and the emergence of artificial intelligence. Our industry is changing every day and it’s important to stay ahead and understand how the emerging technology will inevitably change the way we do business.

– Jerry McIver, Director of Trustpoint Cyber Services

It was amazing to be back with everyone again and to see and talk with folks! This year felt like the pandemic years gave the Legal Tech community a chance to identify the real problems in dealing with ESI and to develop technologies to assist with them — costs of hosting, mobile devices, emerging data sources, education, etc. Rather than the same old, this year’s show offered exciting new solutions and new faces to move the industry forward and it’s very exciting to be a part of it.

– Kelly Twigger, Founder, eDiscovery Assistant

Generative AI was on every attendee’s mind, and while ChatGPT is not ready to support eDiscovery, it has helped to bring AI to the forefront of the conversation in our industry. At IPRO we have been investing in AI to enhance our solutions and support the work of our customers, but with the focus on enhancing and supporting not replacing the work lawyers do.  There are a lot of great AI tools, but we need to find the right tool for the right job.

– Dean Brown, CEO, IPRO

Believe it or not, we’re still not done! Look for still more Legalweek 2023 observations tomorrow! Here are the ones from yesterday, in case you missed them!

Feeling a case of FOMO? There’s room for more Legalweek 2023 observations! If you have them, put them into the comments below!

So, what do you think?  Were you at Legalweek last week? If so, what were your Legalweek 2023 observations?  Please share any comments you might have or if you’d like to know more about a particular topic.

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