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Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Practice of Law: Artificial Intelligence Best Practices

The Sedona Conference recently published a new article: Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Practice of Law, authored by a notable Texas judge!

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Practice of Law (available here) was written by the Honorable Xavier Rodriguez, U.S. District Court Judge for the Western District of Texas. The article seeks to provide attorneys with a baseline understanding of AI technology and recommends areas where state bars, courts, rules committees, and attorneys may wish to undertake further study and potential rules changes.

As the email from The Sedona Conference announcing the article states: “Judge Rodriguez presents a comprehensive, broad-based examination of how the rapid growth of artificial intelligence is poised to reshape the legal profession.”


Broad-based indeed! Judge Rodriguez notes that “Some AI issues are raised only briefly here and will require resolution from legislative bodies, courts, and governmental agencies”. Nonetheless, in the 45-page PDF article, Judge Rodriguez touches on a variety of AI considerations and topics, including (PDF page number in parenthesis):

  • An Introduction to AI
  • Potential Limitations of Current Generative AI Platforms (10)
  • Potential Opportunities That AI may Offer the Legal Industry (14)
  • Duty to Protect Client Confidential Information and use of AI Tools (15)
  • Law Firm (and Corporate) Policies (17)
  • Use of AI-generated motions or briefs for court use (18)
  • Evidentiary Issues in Litigation (20)
  • AI in Law Enforcement (25)
  • AI and the Criminal Justice System (26)
  • AI and Employment Law (28)
  • AI and eDiscovery (29)
  • AI and Health Care Law (30)
  • AI and Immigration Law (31)
  • The Need for Attorneys to Monitor Regulatory and Statutory AI Developments (31)
  • AI and the Impact on Individual Privacy (32)
  • AI and Use by Pro Bono and Nonattorney Providers (33)
  • AI and ADR (34)
  • AI and Use in Law Firm Marketing (36)
  • Additional Training or Skillsets Required (36)
  • AI and Cybersecurity Concerns (37)
  • Ethical Implications of Billing Practices and AI (39)
  • Minimum Continuing Legal Education—Technology Hour Component (39)
  • Law Schools (40)
  • AI Impact on the Judiciary and Judicial Training (41)

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Practice of Law will be included in The Sedona Conference Journal, Volume 24, Number 2, to be published later this year. But you don’t have to wait for it – you can get it here!

Been meaning to cover this for over a week. It’s great to see an article like this from a well-respected judge like Judge Rodriguez providing a judicial perspective on how AI impacts the practice of law!

So, what do you think? What do you consider to be some of the most important considerations associated with AI and the practice of law? Please share any comments you might have or if you’d like to know more about a particular topic.


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