Tuesday ARMA InfoCon 2023

Tuesday ARMA InfoCon 2023 Sessions: Information Governance Conferences

More great sessions at this week’s ARMA InfoCon conference! Here are the Tuesday ARMA InfoCon 2023 sessions, including a keynote I’m in!

ARMA InfoCon is the premiere educational event for records management, information management, and information governance professionals to learn and share industry best practices. If you are responsible for managing or governing your company’s information assets, this is the “must attend” event every year for you!

ARMA InfoCon 2023 is being held this week – October 9-11 – at Huntington Place in Detroit, Michigan with three full days of educational sessions, not just on information governance, but data privacy, cybersecurity, and even eDiscovery! Here are notable Tuesday ARMA InfoCon 2023 sessions.


9:00 AM – 10:00 AM EDT

Keynote Panel: Generative AI and Information Governance: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly (Grand River Ballroom)

Generative AI is all the buzz these days. Applications like ChatGPT, Microsoft Co-Pilot and Google Bard are getting lots of press and the spectrum of hype and hyperbole ranges from the anticipation that these tools will transform our lives to the fears that they will result in the extinction of humanity. Information Governance professionals need to understand how these technologies work, how they will be used and how they need to be governed as organizations begin to deploy these tools for a variety of purposes. Information Governance programs can also make use of these technologies for RIM, Privacy and Information Security applications. Now is the time to embrace the world of Generative AI.

Join our panel of information governance and e-discovery experts as they discuss the usage of Generative AI in our industry today. In this must-see keynote session, they will address some of the concerns around Generative AI, while helping to chart a course towards responsible adoption. Some of the questions the panel will address will include:

  1. What does it mean when you plug information into searches in Generative AI applications: who sees the information you provide, how reliable is that data, and who is responsible for the accuracy of its results?
  2. Who owns the information generated by these applications, and what happens to that information after it is generated?
  3. What happens when future output of AI becomes indistinguishable from “reality”?  How do we mitigate bias within AI output?
  4. What are the responsibilities of IG programs for governing AI generated content? What ethical obligations do we have as IG and legal professionals?
  5. How can Generative AI be used to address existing challenges within IG programs? What benefits can Generative AI provide to organizational IG?

Generative AI is evolving quickly in terms of capabilities and functionality and presently there are more questions than answers. Nevertheless, our expert panel will provide insights and tips to help inform your decision-making.

*Session description partially generated by ChatGPT.

Speakers: Mike Quartararo, President, Association of Certified E-Discovery Specialists (ACEDS); Stephen Goldstein, Director of Practice Support, Squire Patton Boggs; Lenora Gray, Data Scientist, Redgrave Data; Doug Austin, Editor, eDiscovery Today.

10:15 AM – 11:15 AM EDT

eDiscovery Case Law Update: Key Trends and Developments (250 BC)

ESI case law in 2023 is pushing courts to consider both technologically challenging and well-worn topics. While addressing subjects like ephemeral messaging and cloud applications, courts continue to grapple with issues regarding Rule 34 responses and conduct that could merit discovery sanctions. This session will review some of the top eDiscovery court decisions from the past year on these and other issues and discuss how they may affect discovery practice going forward.

Speakers: Philip Favro, Innovative Driven; Mathea Bulander.

10:30 AM – 11:15 AM EDT

Cybersecurity and IG – What Boards & Executives Need to Know (140 FG)

What do corporate boards and organization executives need to know about cybersecurity? These leaders need to understand how their organizations are impacted by dynamic regulatory oversight and what data and information governance can do to reduce risk and cost. The discussion includes: Liability, compliance and consequences; Regulations range from requiring comprehensive governance programs to biometric data retention; The role of data and information governance on creation, retention, encryption, sanitization, disposition; and more.

Speaker: David Smythe, Principal Advisor in Global & Strategic Accounts, Iron Mountain; Ronald J. Hedges, Principal, Ronald J. Hedges LLC.

Discover the power of Microsoft Purview eDiscovery for legal and records workflows (140 ABC)

Microsoft Purview eDiscovery is a powerful solution that can help you handle legal and records challenges with ease. In this session, you will learn how to use Microsoft Purview eDiscovery to find, review, analyze, and export relevant content for legal discovery, records exports, and other search based requests. You will also see a preview of the latest and upcoming features that will make your experience even better.

Speakers: Caitlin Fitzgerald, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Microsoft; Jason Bero, Privacy, Risk, and Compliance Manager, Microsoft.

11:30 AM – 12:30 PM EDT

Attack of the Short Form Messages and Collaboration Apps! (250 BC)

How should parties and courts evaluate the discoverability of information stored in the myriad collaboration apps that have emerged and grown in prominence in recent years? How can organizations adapt existing e-discovery processes to address the challenges associated with ever-evolving chat and collaboration applications as they become primary sources of evidence in investigations and litigation? This panel will tackle these thorny issues and identify practical strategies for addressing proportionality assessments, as well as preservation, collection, search, and production of such data.

Speakers: Cheryl Strom, Records Information Sr. Manager, McDonald’s Corporation; Lisa Lukaszewski; Cricket Wood.

1:55 PM – 2:25 PM EDT

Classify all the Things! Harnessing Artificial Intelligence for Records Management, presented by Collabware (140 DE)

One of the initial value points for employing AI in your records management programs is to automate and greatly increase the speed and efficiency of content categorization and classification. Employing AI in this way can lead to a wider range of records retention coverage, unlocked data intelligence insights, and more implicitly engaged users. It’s not without its own challenges though. Where do you start? How do you put together a plan? What technologies do you use? This new frontier and uncharted territory is available to explore and mold through our own creativity.

In this session, we’ll provide:

  • High-level understanding of what Artificial Intelligence (AI) really is and what its current capabilities really are
  • One aspect of AI and present a real-world picture of how you can leverage it to achieve automated, enterprise-wide, transparent records management compliance
  • View into how you can use AI to extract new unstructured data intelligence that can be used to shape your organization’s future.
  • Future of Records Management careers in the age of Artificial Intelligence

Speakers: Oday Brahem.

3:45 PM – 4:45 PM EDT

AI Is Neither Artificial nor Intelligent. Discuss! (250 BC)

Some machines today can “think” in ways that was once only imaginable in the realm of science fiction.  They ostensibly can make decisions about classifying, assessing, and even disposing of information. But deployment of true AI in legal and RIM has been spotty, at best. AI has also been challenged as reflecting too much bias. Our panel will discuss the current state of AI in legal, Generative AI tools like ChatGPT, the fascinating intersection of AI and RIM, and also explore the ethical issues that arise in the realm of machine learning.

Speaker: Wil Corvey, Program Manager, DARPA; Ben Barnes, AmTrust; Michael Kearney.

Here’s the full agenda of sessions at ARMA InfoCon 2023. And it’s not too late to register – here is a list of the registration fees, with a link to register. Enjoy the Tuesday ARMA InfoCon 2023 sessions!

So, what do you think? Which of the Tuesday ARMA InfoCon 2023 sessions are you attending? If you’re not sure, join our keynote! Please share any comments you might have or if you’d like to know more about a particular topic.

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