Hanzo Unveils Spotlight AI

Hanzo Unveils Spotlight AI

Congrats to Hanzo for the announcement that Hanzo unveils Spotlight AI, the market’s first tool designed for automated conversational relevancy assessment!  art of the press release is below, the full press release is here.

Hanzo Unveils Spotlight AI, First Solution for Automated Relevancy Assessment

Hanzo, a pioneer in dynamic collaboration data preservation, collection, review, and export, today shared its latest innovation that delivers the market’s first tool designed for automated conversational relevancy assessment, answering the primary concern in eDiscovery.

Legal professionals no longer need to be daunted by extensive data, especially with the surging influx from collaborative platforms. Leveraging trustworthy AI, Hanzo has achieved 95% recall in pinpointing pertinent documents to a case, transforming a once arduous manual task into a swift, automated process.

“Since ChatGPT captured the world’s attention, we’ve engaged in numerous market discussions. People are eager for practical solutions that securely address the challenges of swiftly gaining insights from vast volumes of complex, unstructured data,” noted Dave Ruel, VP of Product at Hanzo. “Spotlight AI’s core principles, including security, transparency, and practicality, empowering  legal teams to uncover risks and relevance, establishing a robust evidentiary foundation for efficient and confident decision-making.”

Spotlight AI is a secured solution that leverages IBM’s data science and machine learning studio (previously known as Watson studio, now a part of watsonx.ai) and seamlessly integrates with Illuminate, presenting a powerful yet user-friendly automated relevancy assessment tool. Spotlight AI was designed to offer the following benefits for corporate legal teams:

  • Save time: What was once a time-consuming manual process spanning weeks can now deliver rapid results in a matter of hours or minutes.
  • Security: At Hanzo, we prioritize data security, recognizing its critical importance in legal domains. Illuminate features a single-tenant SaaS architecture, further enhancing security. Our collaboration with IBM provides access to trusted advanced AI models that are neatly incorporated, safeguarding client data without reliance on potentially vulnerable external APIs.
  • Easy to use: The user-friendly interface eliminates software learning barriers and reduces unnecessary interactions with IT or data science teams.  Illuminate users work with an intuitive interface, giving them complete control over the input process. Users can provide a simple case description or input more complex information, such as requests for production or complaint descriptions. Spotlight AI then performs the heavy lifting of locating information from the matter, thus elevating the most important information to the top of the list.
  • Transparent Results: Most significantly, Illuminate stands apart from ‘black-box’ AI approaches, offering users transparent AI-driven decisions that promote trust and clarity.

“Hanzo has identified a very important challenge that legal teams face today regarding early assessment and relevancy for legal matters. We are excited about working with them to realize the benefits of AI, such as pinpointing pertinent data and formulating a legal storyboard within our enterprise expanding upon our strategic relationship for legal matters,” said a General Counsel at a Fortune 50 Global Technology Company.

Hanzo is currently gathering critical insight from pre-release customers to help refine Spotlight AI models and to further scale to enterprise levels of content. A full GA release is expected early next year, with availability across Illuminate clients.  

Download the Spotlight AI datasheet to learn more about the benefits of AI-powered relevance assessment.

Congrats again to announcement that Hanzo unveils Spotlight AI!

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