Reviewing Memes and GIFs

Reviewing Memes and GIFs with AI: eDiscovery Trends

Memes and GIFs are challenging for eDiscovery. Damir Kahvedžić of ProSearch discusses the challenges of reviewing memes and GIFs with AI!

Damir’s article (Memeing AI, available here) discusses how memes and GIFs are not new. They have been used in social media and informal chats for as long as the Internet has been alive. GIFs are widespread, available natively in Teams, Slack, WhatsApp and on most chat platforms. They are a popular shorthand for communication in a conversation and are increasingly found in eDiscovery matters. As Damir points out, chances are there is at least one GIF-happy person in your team.

There are even communities churning out memes for eDiscovery. And, by “communities”, Damir references a couple of memes from the hilarious Gates Dogfish, who keeps all of us in eDiscovery laughing. 😀

eDiscovery Assistant

What Damir does in this article is break down some of the challenges of reviewing memes and GIFs with AI and how the technology is evolving to do a better job of describing what it sees, even identifying it as humor!

So, what are some of the challenges of reviewing memes and GIFs with AI and how can you address those challenges? And who is that in the picture above? Check out Damir’s blog post here to find out! It’s only one click! Memes and GIFs…the final frontier! 😉

So, what do you think? Are you struggling with reviewing memes and GIFs in discovery? Please share any comments you might have or if you’d like to know more about a particular topic.

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