My Interview with eDiscoveryJournal’s Greg Buckles: eDiscovery Trends

Greg Buckles and I go back a long way – probably at least a couple of decades – and he was kind enough to interview me recently for his excellent blog, eDiscoveryJournal, which is now out.

Greg interviewed me about my ILTACON 2022 impressions and included a couple of pictures I took at the conference, as well as the word cloud I published pre-conference and also a couple of other things I’m doing. We had planned to conduct the interview in person, but Greg had the nightmare of travel experiences trying to get ILTACON we all dread that seem to happen more common these days where he dealt with multiple cancellations over two days, including getting on two planes (one even started to take off before abandoning the takeoff!). He ultimately had to cancel the trip and we did the interview virtually, which means we missed out on a beer while at ILTACON.

Greg is a recognized expert with over 30 years’ experience in legal technology, discovery and consulting. He originally co-founded eDiscoveryJournal in 2009 (I think) and it operated until about 2017, when it went dormant for a bit. Life – and business – happens. Greg restarted eDiscoveryJournal in May 2019 and got fully back into writing regular posts in 2020. You should add it to your list of terrific eDiscovery blogs to read.


As evidenced by the graphic above, Greg provides an unfettered perspective on eDiscovery related topics that are bolstered by his years of experience in the industry. He’s seen a lot and can share his perspectives on trends and happenings through his experiences. Greg provides those takes on everything from provider announcements to eDiscovery stories making the news to best practices and he isn’t afraid to be direct with them. One of my recent favorite posts of his was one he recently wrote titled Why Not Just Use Microsoft? where he addressed Microsoft’s push into global cloud omni-platform. Greg’s question back as part of a discussion about what companies should do to evaluate their needs? “Why don’t we all drive Toyota Corollas?” Great write-up.

Greg and I worked on several matters a few years ago and he introduced me to the “B-Discovery” group that used to gather in Houston regularly for happy hours (as I understood it, the “B” stood for either “Beer” or “Booze”). We need to bring those back, by the way – and I need to reschedule that beer with Greg. We live in the same city, after all… 🙂

My interview with Greg is here. Thanks, Greg!

So, what do you think? Are you a regular reader of eDiscoveryJournal? If not, you should be! And please share any comments you might have or if you’d like to know more about a particular topic.

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  1. Yep, followed Greg for years…and have benefited from both sources, thanks Greg and Doug!

    Aaron Taylor

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